Yuehong Gao

Dept. of Telematics(ITEM)

Network calculus, as a newly developed analysis method, helps to deal with queuing systems found in computer networks. So far, it has been developed into two branches, i.e., deterministic and stochastic. The stochastic branch matches well with the characteristics of wireless communication systems, and therefore, it has attracted many attentions. Her research topic focuses on the application of stochastic network calculus in wireless communication system, with special emphasis on the cognitive radio networks, to carry out performance analysis.

A typical cognitive radio network can be modeled as a priority system, and the problem becomes challenging when some key factors are considered, such as the impact of spectrum sensing errors, fading channel and particular characteristics of newly emerging traffic types. In her PhD research, stochastic network calculus is relied on to implement performance analysis for a cognitive radio described above. The stochastic service curves and performance distribution bounds under different traffic models and configurations are predicted to be conducted. Discussions on the tightness of obtained results will also be included by comparisons between numerical and simulation results, based on which possible improvements on the performance bounds will be further studied.



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