About SIG-Wirelss

SIG-Wireless was established on a voluntary basis between IME faculty members with research interests in the related topics in 2008 at the Norvegian University of Science and Technology.

The purpose of SIG-Wireless is to provide a platform for people at the IME Faculty at NTNU , working on related research topics, to share with the others their research ideas/results, exchange project information, and possibly collaborate more closely in future project application, student co-supervision, etc.

Lastest News

Mailing List for group members

We created a mailing list for SIG-Wireless group members. If you want to post some information to SIG group members, just send your message to…more

Guest Lecture in March 2011

Dr. Yan Zhang at Simular will give guest Lecture within (wireless) communications and networks area in NTNU,Trondheim, on 18th of March 2011. …more

Workshop in SIG-Wireless 2011

Workshop in SIG-Wireless will be held in fall, 2011. …more

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